Vegetable Garden #Fail: Part Deux

As I mentioned in an earlier post, last Spring was my first attempt at a vegetable garden, with the score of Squash Bugs: 1, Me: 0. I did get to see two zucchini’s before they ate the plant, and some nice tomatoes and sweet peppers, but the main survivors were the herbs. That’s ok though! Herbs are my passion!

I didn’t want to give up on trying to grow organic vegetables and fruits for me and my family. So I went a step further this Spring and decided to start my vegetables from seed. I know. I’m making it more challenging after an epic fail. It’s called crazy stubborn. (Or just plain stubborn. Or just plain crazy. I’m ok with either adjective. 😉 )

Well, the seedlings either died, or grew too big before I got any of them planted. The sunflowers looked great! Until they died. The herbs from seed never grew. And at the time of this writing, WAY more plants are still in the seed starting tray than there are in my raised bed.

But let’s focus on the ones I finally planted, shall we?

That would be four bush bean plants.

Yes, that’s all I’ve planted from the seed starting tray. When they first started growing in the tray, they looked beautiful! But as they sat week after week waiting for a bigger home, they got kind of leggy. And I planted them that way.

I knew you can bend a tomato plant down and cover more of the stem with dirt (and it is a wise thing to do), so I tried to do that with one of the leggy bush bean plants, and it bent in half! I thought I killed it. The stem isn’t as supple as the young tomato’s stem is, apparently.

A few days ago, I found some sticks and pushed them in the dirt next to each bush bean plant and loosely tied twine or ribbon to them to straighten them up. One of the poor skinny things already had a green bean growing on it. I picked it off so the plant would have a little more time to focus on filling out a bit. Not one bug has bothered them yet. I wonder if they just feel sorry for me. Or if they are too busy rolling on the ground somewhere laughing. At this point it wouldn’t surprise me!

Are my little, leggy bush beans going to be a #fail? I don’t know yet. But the experience is still interesting and strangely fun! I’ll let you know!

If you have any advice on what will help my bush beans survive the season, I welcome your comments! Or anything else you have in mind.

Happy gardening! 👒🌿

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